FishBag™ Fly Fishing Creel Cooler

Flexible to Your Fishing Style

Tired of your old wicker basket creel that doesn't hold ice, or keep your catch fresh?  Our Air-Series™ Cooler Bags make great modern-day creels, complete with waterproofing and the legendary ice holding power of the NorChill® brand.  It will quickly become an essential piece of gear if you're looking to take fish home for the table and it's guaranteed to keep your catch fresh all day long.  Better yet, when your not catching, or your release fishing, the Air-Series is right at home keeping drinks cold (or hot) and your lunch fresh. 

~ Sling It Over Your Shoulder with the Adjustable Shoulder Belt ~

~ Clip it to Waist Like a Traditional Creel ~

~ Insert It Into Your Backpack ~

~ Connect it to Your Vest ~

Or Simply Set it on the Bank ~


Series Features

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