Which Cooler Do You Need For That Last Trip Before School Starts?

Which Cooler Do You Need For That Last Trip Before School Starts?

Every family has to get ready for the start of school as the summer winds down, and you are probably wondering where you want to go, what you want to take, and how long you will be gone. When you plan this trip away from home, you need a portable cooler of some kind that will make your summer activities a little bit more enjoyable. The soft cooler that you choose is easier to carry, keeps your drinks and food in good condition, and looks much more stylish than the standard coolers that are on the market today. Plan your next insulated bag purchase around the trip you want to take.

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Where Are You Going?

You need a cooler bag no matter where you are going, but the location will determine the kind of bag you take. A golf cooler bag is great for leaving drinks in the golf cart. A camo cooler is very helpful if you are out in the woods hunting in the early morning. You can get a boat cooler that works well when you are fishing, or you could get a larger marine cooler that is meant for long trips on the lake where you lounge for most of the day.

The travel cooler that you bring on the plane is very helpful if you are trying to travel with a few extra items you bought in the airport, and the beach cooler bag will stay cool even under the hot rays of the sun. You have all of these options at your disposal, and now you need to decide how large the realtree cooler will be, where you are taking it, and what it will hold.

How Big Can A Lunch Cooler Bag Get?

A lunch cooler bag can be very large with wide handles and more than enough space for several different drinks and foods. You could get a realtree cooler that has pockets for easy organization, or you might get a bag so big that you could pack an entire picnic inside. 

If you are packing a cooler bag for each member of the family, you can get something that will hold just their lunch and a drink. The best small cooler is the one that even your young children can carry. Because of this, you can make everyone responsible for their own food while cutting down on all the extra items you need to carry to the beach or on a long hike.

The Beach Cooler Bag

The beach cooler bag is designed with a special layer inside that will keep everything cool and an outer layer that will reflect light. The outside of the cooler bag will get very hot, but the inside of the bag will not change temperature. You can put as much ice as you want into the bag, and you can carry it all to the beach.

The zipper on the beach bag helps you keep sand out, and you can use the heavy handles to hang the cooler from a hook on your umbrella. These bags are much easier to carry from the hotel to the water, and they will carry much more than an older model. Plus, these bags weigh almost nothing. Even your small children can carry a soft sided cooler for you.

The Boat Or Marine Cooler

A boat cooler is needed when you rent a boat and go out on the water for most of the day. You need to know that you can carry everything that you want for the boat, and you must keep all these items cool because the boat can get hot during the day. A portable cooler made in this style is easy to stow under the cabinet in the boat’s kitchen, or you could shove the bag into storage compartment if you are on a small fishing boat. 

The insulated bag that you choose should also have pockets that allow you to store anything you catch. You can securely wrap and chill the fish that were caught while you were on the water, and you can get that fish home with no trouble because it cannot spoil in such a powerful cooler.

The Golf Cooler Bag

When you go out on the golf course, you might bring a few drinks along. You want to have a good time with friends, but you cannot do that if you have a massive cooler that is too hard to carry. You can drop this bag on the back of the golf cart and leave it there while the group plays around the course. These bags are easy to hang on the hooks around the golf cart, and the bag can be zipped shut to keep everything as cold as possible.

The golf bag that you choose could easily be used when you are inside the clubhouse having lunch afterwards. You can put your leftovers in the bag, and the food will make it home with no problem. These bags are stylish, easy to use, and fit under your chair during a meal.

The Camo Cooler

When you are going into the woods or hunting, you must select a bag that will blend in with your hunting attire. You do not want to give yourself away to animals while you are hunting or hiking, and you need something that will close completely. These bags are much easier to clean, and will never allow the scent of food to make it into the wind. Because of this, you will never be susceptible to animals who come into your camp during the day.

Who Needs A Travel Cooler?

Anyone can use an insulated cooler when they begin traveling because these are simple items to carry with the family. You can slide these bags under the seat in the airplane, or you could put these items in the overhead compartment. You might want a soft cooler bag that fits into your car, and you could get one that will even hang from the handlebars on your bicycle. Each of the things that you plan to do with your bag re made much easier because these bags are light, easy to close, and do not smell like food when you are done using them.

Can You Clean Your Bag?

Once your trip is over, you must unpack the whole family and get back to your normal life. You need to know that you can clean a soft sided cooler bag, and you will find that it can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a little soap. There is not hard texture in the bag that will trap food, and you can make it look perfectly new in a short time. Most people who use one of these bags on a long trip can clean it quickly, hang it up for later use, and use it again without a trace of the old food or drinks that were in there.

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The best small cooler is the one that you can take anywhere. You need to know that you can keep the scent of food out of the air when you are camping and prevent the food from spoiling as you travel. An insulated cooler comes with a soft side that is very light. The handles are very wide so that they are easy to carry, and the bag provides you with pockets that help with organization. You can go hunting, go on a boat trip, or get on a plane with these bags.