The small cooler has a capacity of 12-Cans with a 5 lb bag of ice.  It's as much at home as as a lunch box as it is on short day trips.

Dimensions: (14" x 7" x 12")


The medium cooler has a capacity of 24-Cans and a 10 lb bag of ice.  It's the most popular size for overnighters and day trips. 

Dimensions: (18" x 10" x 12")


The large cooler has a capacity of 48-Cans and two 10 lb bags of ice.  It's the heavyweight multi-day tripper of the lineup.

Dimensions: (25" x 13" x 19")


Weekend Warriors to Serious Tournament Pros...  NorChill’s BoatBag series of High Performance Marine Coolers are the perfect addition to any boating activity. Constructed with a tear and UV resistant PVC tarpaulin shell, the BoatBag will deliver unmatched durability, water resistance and cooling power to withstand even the harshest boating & fishing adventures. Fishing and boating enthusiasts will appreciate the anti-mildew, UV-protective properties of its tarpaulin shell—plasticized canvas that won’t fade, stain, or become saturated in wet environments.

It’s soft enough not to scuff or damage boat decks, teak floors, or delicate varnish. Yet, it’s tough enough to withstand the rigors of a sport fishing cockpit.

Whether you are packing it full of hot food or icing down the drinks for the day, the NorChill’s world famous Dual Temp Insulation System™, ensures your contents stay the perfect temperature even in the most extreme conditions. Sportsmen and women will appreciate the heat reflective shell designed to stay cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight..