B2B Tailored Solutions Center

Promotional products have the power to transform a company's identity, message, and presence into a tangible item. However, many businesses often miss the mark by simply slapping their brand name onto generic items like pens, t-shirts, or hats, without seeing the desired marketing results. At NorChill, we offer customization of our soft-sided cooler bags and tumblers through embroidery and laser engraving. Our personalized cooler bags with your custom logo are perfect for trade shows, company outings, golf and fishing tournaments, and a wide range of corporate events. With endless possibilities, our customized coolers can be used for promotional sales, gifts, or prizes, giving businesses a unique and effective way to stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Our promotional business experts are here for you!  We know you're busy, so we've made it quick and easy for you to get started.  Simply click "REQUEST A QUOTE" below and we’ll develop a quote tailored just for you.  For individual customization, or to explore our self-service Patch-IT™ embroidered patches, Click Here.



Don't waste your money on cheap trinkets that will end up forgotten or discarded. Give gifts that people will truly appreciate and use. Contact us today to learn more about our embroidery options and how we can help you create customized promotional products that will make a lasting impression.


Custom Patches

Promotional products offer a great opportunity to showcase a brand or company's identity and message through a tangible item. At NorChill, we offer the convenient Patch-IT™ method to personalize your cooler bag with no minimum order requirement. Whether it's your company's name, slogan, or logo, we can create custom patches to suit your needs.



We have the ability to personalize our products by embroidering your company's logo onto the pocket and creating custom patches with your brand, customer, and promotion names.