outdoorsman series


small cooler


The small cooler has a capacity of 12-Cans with a 5 lb bag of ice.  It's as much at home as as a lunch box as it is on short day trips.

Dimensions: (14" x 7" x 12")

medium cooler


The medium cooler has a capacity of 24-Cans and a 10 lb bag of ice.  It's the most popular size for overnighters and day trips. 

Dimensions: (18" x 10" x 12")

large cooler


The large cooler has a capacity of 48-Cans and two 10 lb bags of ice.  It's the heavyweight multi-day tripper of the lineup.

Dimensions: (25" x 13" x 19")

hunt, ride, chill...


NorChill’s RealTree Xtra Camo Coolers are the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast, camper or the serious outdoorsman.  The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field.  It’s 12 warm, natural colors and 3D pattern blend effectively in fall, winter, and early spring.  No more worrying about your cooler standing out in the brush, now it will be hidden as well as you are.

Hunters and Off Roaders will love Realtree Xtra Camo Coolers! When you get to your destination, just load in your food and drinks, ice it up and you’re ready to tackle any adventure. Simply roll them up to minimize space while traveling.

Our lightweight small cooler is the perfect tag along for everyday use.  Its 12-can capacity is great for sporting events, as an everyday lunch cooler or simply to bring some food and drinks with you during your next hunt. 

Our medium cooler is the most versatile bag we offer. Whether you are after turkey, quail or even enjoying a day on the lake, its 24 can capacity is perfect for your hot or cold food and beverages. 

Our large camo cooler is our heavyweight champion and it’s built to outlast your toughest adventures.  It’s 48 plus can capacity is ideal for your next bow or rifle hunting excursion. Whether you’re hunting for big game such as deer, elk, or moose our large cooler is big enough for you to process your kill out in the field, and keep it fresh for the trip back.

Every Realtree Xtra Camo Cooler features a heavy duty corrosion free zipper, an ultra-tough gator-skin liner, and leak proof fusion welded liner seams.  The puncture resistant gator-skin liner also pulls out for easy cleaning and provides excellent stain resistance.  

All RealTree Xtra Camo coolers have a tear resistant nylon shell, double stitched seams, and include heave duty carry straps and comfort cushions. 

Plus every cooler is backed by NorChill’s industry-leading 2-year warranty: You break it, we fix it—no questions asked. 

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