Choose Your Cooler To Match Your Activities


There are seasonal events that naturally foster carrying a soft sided cooler or an insulated cooler, such as outdoor activities and sporting events. Because for every season, there’s absolutely a reason to eat good food on-the-go. In the Fall and Winter, no matter where you live, you’ll find the best food and the most fun, inside of an insulated cooler. Although you can’t take them inside, you can have unlimited food in the parking lot.


Tailgating is for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company while eating whatever you want to get the fun started. Before Nascar car events, soccer, baseball and football games, the parking lot is the place to be. It provides the perfect atmosphere to break out the cold drinks and snacks. And at the end of summer, when the kids have settled back into their school day routines, you get one last ‘hoorah’ it's collectively known as Memorial Day weekend. The weekend has evolved into the summer ending bash with fun food and lots of cold beverages. Doesn’t matter where you’re headed, the boat, the lake, the campsite or the beach, grab the beach cooler bag or a portable cooler and enjoy.

Some people prefer to have multiple soft sided cooler dishes prepped, seasoned and ready for beachside grilling or campsite cooking and another travel cooler filled with cold drinks, snacks, and ready-made sandwiches and other delectable menu items for instant munching. Whatever your destination, the stadium, the beach or a campsite, a portable cooler keeps food fresh and lessens the hours spent looking for snacks foods, thus providing more time to engage in your favorite outdoor pastime.

Indulge In Fresh Food During Boating

Unless you’re a commercial fisherman, being on a boat with a soft-sided cooler means that there’s something good waiting to be devoured. Have you noticed that people like to pack delicious sandwiches and things like cold fried chicken, bean salad and drinks inside? With boating, it’s an activity for fun and fishing. Some view the end of summer as a time to squeeze in as much fun at the lake as possible with a variety of recreational activities like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and swimming. That’s where NorChill Coolers and Drinkware has got you covered.

Choose from a variety of high-performance coolers or if you’re more into simplicity, there’s the classic boat cooler or a marine cooler and hit the seas with refreshments galore. And if you’re planning to be out on the water for the entire day, always remember to pack extra food, water, soft drinks, and snacks. There's plenty of space for drinks with small, medium and large can storage sizes. Because let’s face it unlike road trips, there’s nowhere to stop and grab a bite. So, it’s most practical to pack your boat cooler. Have your day include breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Even if you’re fishing and plan to catch and cook dinner.

When boating during the summer and fall, maintaining the temperature of perishable foods is paramount. During summer months, it’s pleasant because of the warmth outside, but be ‘aware’ of environmental elements, such as extreme heat and excess humidity. Fill a proper size cooler or insulated bag with plenty of ice packs and good eats and remember to keep a separate marine cooler for things like the bait and preserving fish on ice.

It’s always advisable to mix it up if you are having a boating party for pleasure only, bring plenty of fresh vegetables, sliced bread and cold cuts, yogurt and hard-crusted bread and cheese and fruit. Using a soft cooler bag and a travel cooler is ideal for commercial fishing trips, pack your cooler bag with all the food items you want. You know that they'll last the entire trip without spoiling and you there's no worries about crushing anything.

A separate travel cooler is a great way to maintain menu items for those with dietary restrictions or allergies to certain foods.

Soft Cooler Free Up Space

For sunny environments, it’s always time for a boat trip. Whether you take the boat out only on the weekends or if you routinely take the boat out year-round, there’s more space inside the boat with a soft cooler. You can even find that they’re lifestyle compatible with all types of outdoor activities such as fishing tournaments and wakeboard competitions. The cooler bag is designed to take up less space in the car, van or boat. And it makes the perfect travel companion for shopping or stocking up on perishable food items at the grocery store or for warehouse purchases.

With the Voyager Series, you can look good and stylish while carrying everything you need in a sturdy constructed, insulated bag. It has a place for everything and features the NorChill patented “DualTemp Insulation System.” Keep ready to stay out for a fun day with your kids for weekend soccer games. Need snacks for them and other teammates, the Voyager keeps Sports drinks, protein bars and water on hand for quick demand.


Small Cooler, Ready For Playtime

In places where you can hit the greens every day of the year like Florida, most golfers have special diets and items they eat for specific diets such as gluten-free or keto. A golf cooler bag makes it easy to prepare a quick bite to take along. With ease and comfort, golfers can take time to polish their swing and refuel on high protein snacks at given intervals. Tuck in a golf cooler bag into the cart to save room and still make your tee time.

So what’s the best small cooler for playtime? Well, it all depends. If you and your golf mates have a hearty appetite. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like snacks? And today snacks aren’t just candy and cookies, it’s a real thing to refuel on the golf course. In places like Arizona, Florida, and Vegas in the summer, make sure the lunch cooler bag is stocked with Alkaline water and sports drinks to replenish fluids lost and restore electrolytes.

Best Small Cooler In the Park

Parks are the go-to spot for everyone. There’s isn’t a neighborhood in the nation that doesn’t have one. Bring your food and invite friends because there’s also a place to grill and barbeque. There’s no need to restrict the use of a beach cooler bag, pack it with extras such as relish, mayo and mustard, olives and hard and soft cheese varieties. Or if the park isn’t your thing and you’re more a true woodsman, then, by all means, skip the scene and pull out the camo cooler. Of course, you can also make use of a camo cooler in the park, if that’s your thing. It’s ready for anything with “Realtree® Xtra nylon reinforced canvass.” Such versatility is a plus, going from season-to-season with a realtree cooler, keeps refreshments at an ideal temp. 

No reason to think the fun’s over just because the summer’s almost gone. Kids need proper nutrition, so making their lunches ensures that they have something healthy. Why not stock a realtree cooler and lunch cooler bag with an assortment of their favorite foods?