Why You Should Choose the Soft Cooler Bag over the Hard Type Coolers


Being outdoors is refreshing to the mind is one of the best ways to relax. Whether your preferred fun activity involves boat riding, fishing, camping, hiking, swimming at the beach or just going for a picnic, you need a portable cooler. This will keep your drinks and foods cool. What is more refreshing than a cold beer after a relentless fishing expedition? Perhaps a cold soda after golfing all day comes close. Well, no matter what you do out there, the sun is hot and you will need to take a drink sooner than later.


Nobody wants to put a luke-warm drink into their mouths. It tastes awful and is not as satisfying as that fresh and cold drink you pick from the fridge. Well, you cannot take your fridge outdoors but you can bring a cooler bag. This will keep your drinks at the right temperature regardless of how hot it gets out there. A cooler is a type of insulated bag that keeps things inside it cool and protects them from being affected by the environmental temperatures. You can either pick the hard box type or the soft sided cooler. What is the difference between these? Which one should you choose?

The hard box type cooler is made mainly using plastic. There is a plastic interior covered by insulation and on the outer side is hard plastic casing and a lid. On the other hand, a soft sided cooler has a water-proof interior, insulation and a stylish exterior made using fabric. These coolers come in a wide variety of designs and preferred uses. You can easily find a marine cooler, boat cooler, beach cooler bag, golf cooler bag or any other that you need.

Advantages of a Soft Cooler

1. Portable

Hard box coolers are heavy and though some come with wheels, they can be cumbersome to move around with. Insulated coolers on the other hand are light in weight. If you are looking for a portable cooler this is your best option. Whether you are looking for lunch cooler bag or a beach cooler bag you will find one that you can easily carry. There are coolers that can be carried on the back, on the side like briefcases and also like handbags. Such versatility! Just choose the best small cooler you like and enjoy your trip.

2. Perfect for everyday use

Hard type coolers come in large sizes that can be used to store a food supply lasting for days. On the other hand, you can find an insulated bag that is just the right for you. You can find the best small cooler for carrying to a family picnic, packing lunch for one person or packing drinks for a group of friends. You can carry your coolers to any place from the gym to the park to the beat to the forest during a hike. Even if you need a travel cooler that will keep your drinks cold during the long journey you have planned, an insulated cooler bag is the right option. For those hunters who need a camo cooler, there are several realtree cooler options to choose from. You will find a perfect soft cooler that will keep all your beers cold as you hunt without making your presence too obvious.

3. Long-lasting cool temperatures

The perfect marine cooler needs to be able to keep things cool for long. This is because marine trips tend to be long and having your drink still cold by the end of the trip is not something to take for granted. There are soft coolers that will keep your drink cold for days! As for capacity, there is a wide range that you can choose from. Just find a bag that is the right size for your desired use.

4. Stylish

There is no way you will look cool hauling hard box type coolers on a hot sunny day. Carrying a nice insulated bag on the other hand will make you look chic as you make your way to your favorite spot on the beach. A stylish golf cooler bag will have on eyes on you and everyone will want to have a drink with you. A realtree cooler will make you the perfect hunting companion for your friends. Soft coolers come in a wide variety of patterns, designs, models and colors. You can find one that is as stylish as you.

5. Easily fold and store away

Unlike hard type boxes that take up space when full and empty, the soft sided ones are easily collapsible. You can fold empty ones and pack with other belongings. It is a great travel cooler because it carries all the nice cool drinks as you go and can be easily packed when you get to your destination. Even when not in use at home, these will take up too much closet space.

6. Affordable

You should not have to break the bank to own coolers for use during outdoor activities. Hard box types tend to be expensive while their soft-sided counterparts are much cheaper. You can get a nice insulated cooler for a fraction of the cost of a hard-type one.

Choosing the Right Cooler Bag for You

You are now sure that the soft sided coolers are better than their hard-box counterparts. You will be delighted to know that there are many options to choose from under this preferred category. Which one should you pick from all the ones you find on sale?

The first consideration to bear in mind is the use of the bag. Depending on the use of the bag there are some things you will need it to have. For instance, a camo cooler needs to blend in with colors of the jungle to allow you to hunt successfully. On the other hand, a boat cooler needs to be big enough to hold your baits and catch. It should also be water-resistant.

The size is also very important. Only get coolers that have enough capacity to hold your drinks when traveling as a family. Also look at the weight. The bag should not be too heavy to carry around. For portability, look at the straps the bag comes with. A bag with back straps is ideal for traveling where one may be having other luggage. On the other hand, coolers with shoulder straps are ideal for stylish looks while carrying a light load. The design of the bag is also important. Find something that matches your style.

The most important thing to consider is a cooler’s cooling capability. It should keep your drinks cool for long enough for you to finish your outdoor activity. This cooling capability differs from one bag to the other. Find a bag whose cooling capacity matches your intended use. This should not be a problem if you intend to use the bag only for a day’s trip.You will find a nice lunch cooler bag that will keep you soda cold till lunch time an perfect coolers for camping that stay cool for days. Most insulated coolers are able to keep drinks cool for more than 48 hours.

Hard type vs Soft Sided Coolers

It is quite obvious why the soft-sided coolers are the best option. From versatility in design to portability to affordability, the benefits are too many to ignore. Plus, you can find the right bag for your intended use. Find one with extra pockets where you can keep knives and forks for the trip. Enjoy your cold drink even in the middle of the day when the sun is too hot. Just get yourself the best small cooler from Norchill Coolers. You will have a good time out there knowing your drinks are safe and a few sips will quench your thirst.