Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Most people lead active lifestyles. From hiking, fishing, boating, exploring, kid events, adult events, basically anything you can think of. If you are out and about all day sometimes it is just not possible to find food on the go and you need to prepare your own drinks and snacks to make sure you are prepared for the day ahead. This is where a soft cooler comes into play to save the day. They are so much more convenient than traditional hard coolers. Not only do they weigh so much less but they are easier to carry and transport and come in an array of sizes and colors. They basically weigh whatever is inside rather than a traditional cooler that already weighs you down just by its design alone. If you are not using the soft cooler you have the option for much easier storage since they are collapsible. Pure genius? Absolutely.

Imagine a day at the beach. You already have your beach bag, umbrella, towel, flip flops, beach hat and possibly your kids and their excessive items. You also have your beach cooler bag that you can conveniently throw over your shoulder with the strap. It makes the walk from your car to your designated beach section so much easier. The beach cooler bag comes in three sizes which are small, medium and large. To give you an idea of the sizes, small is considered to hold 12 cans, the medium is able to hold 24 cans and the large can easily fit 48 cans. You can fill these up with ice and add snacks and drinks or whatever you may need to keep cool for your day of fun. If you are sticking to just-drinks, this is the best small cooler to fulfill that need. I mean, the absolute best small cooler! They are so stylish and easy to transport, what is not to love?

If you are not a fan of adding ice then there is the option to throw in the arctic ice packs. They are very durable and made from non-toxic phase change materials. They not only help save water but help save money as well since they are reusable. Throw them in the dishwasher if you please after each use and then store them in the freezer until your next outing. You can use them in any cooler bag.

The outdoorsman series cooler is a soft sided portable cooler that can be used for outdoor lovers. The camo cooler is an insulated bag, referred to as the Realtree cooler. The realtree cooler is made from extra-tough and extra-durable Realtree nylon reinforced canvass. It comes in 12 natural colors and blendable 3D patterns so that your travel cooler does not stick out while you are camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. These come in colors that blend effectively in fall, winter and early spring. These travel coolers have a tear-resistant nylon shell, double-stitched seams and come with very heavy-duty straps that include comfort cushions. The camo cooler is the ultimate portable cooler companion to keep you hydrated and fed.

If you are more of a person that enjoys fishing from your boat with the wind blowing in your hair. Your worries drifting off into the sea as you relax and take it easy, then perhaps the boat cooler which is also known as the marine cooler is something to consider. What makes this bag so amazing and practical for activities on the water is that it is made from a PVC tarpaulin shell that won't tear nor will it begin to crack or break down under the harsh UV rays. It also features antimildew properties so that when it is exposed to water it won't start growing mildew. This insulated cooler is a must-have for any boat enthusiast who enjoys spending time on or near the water. The boat cooler, also known as the marine cooler, is by far the best travel cooler available for fun in the sun because it won't fade or stain from the sun rays. You may want to catch a tan but the PVC tarpaulin shell acts as a sunblock for this insulated cooler. Want to know more about marine cooler?

Let's talk about the daily hustle and bustle you may find yourself in. The air-series backpack is the most versatile insulated bag. This is great for just about anything you can imagine. You can throw this into your backpack and transform your backpack into a cooler bag on the go. Or you can ditch the backpack and just throw the attachable strap onto the air-series bag. You can turn this into a baby bottle bag, lunch cooler bag, golf cooler bag, or just turn it into a dry bag for your extra gym clothes. The possibilities are absolutely endless. It keeps your items either cold or has the capacity to keep the hot stuff warm. This can be used every single day as a lunch cooler bag to keep your lunch either warm, cold or just as a carry bag to transport your items. If you are about to do a round of golf the air-series can be used as a golf cooler bag a.k.a lunch cooler bag. This is also ideal for any type of travel. It fits in the car or as a carry on for any snacks and drinks you might bring along with you. Once you get to your destination it can be used as an on the go bag for your spare clothing or any items you may want to bring along with you.

The benefits of having a soft sided cooler as opposed to the traditional hard box type are almost endless. They are durable, heavy-duty, and stylish. You also have the option to customize it with patch-it. It is a velcro piece that attaches to the main logo. You can customize it by adding your name, monogram, or logos. You can truly make this your own to make it an extension of your personality. These coolers are lightweight, easily transportable and make storage convenient as they are collapsible. You won't ever have to wonder where to stash this for safekeeping. You can practically store it anywhere. So there you go, there is something for everyone. The everyday mundane errands to special trips and weekend getaways. Even the occasional family picnic in the park deserves a stylish item that is convenient and does an amazing job of keeping your items cool or warm. A soft sided cooler is really a no brainer. The traditional hard box cooler is a thing of the past. Out with the hard box and in with the soft sided cooler.