Are Cooler Bags Better Than Hard Coolers?

purchase soft coolers
People prefer to purchase soft coolers as they are versatile. A soft cooler can also be used everywhere, including school, fishing trips, gym, or golf courses. You must be careful when selecting a suitable soft cooler bag. Moreover, it should keep your food warm or cold as you need it to be.


1. Golf Cooler Bag:
The role of a golf cooler bag is to keep your refreshments chilled and hydrated when you are out playing golf. Therefore, it will enable you to carry the beverages and save money. However, ensure that you select one with a good storage capacity to hold the number of cans you want to consume. It should also have a suitable cooling capability to withstand the heat and keep your drinks cold.

2. Boat Cooler:
Go for a boat cooler that is easy to use. Therefore, it should store the beverages and food you need for your outing or trip. The capacity will always depend on the number of people on the trip and the duration. Therefore, you should consider an insulated cooler as it will determine whether your food or drink remains cold. Ensure that you inspect the seals and hinges as a low-quality seal will let out the cold air. The capacity of your boat cooler will depend on the size of the vessel and the purpose. If you want to go out fishing, ensure you get one with more space and retains ice.

3. Marine Cooler Bag:
A soft sided cooler is ideal if you want to go out for a day or two. When you are out in a marine environment, you need a marine cooler that maintains chilly temperatures. Ensure it has a water-resistant exterior, with a liner to prevent fungus, mildew, and odor. Go for zippered side pockets that offer plenty of snack storage. Additionally, it should have an adjustable strap and soft grip that enables you to load it into the boat. Look for rotomolded models that have a less consistent thickness in their body. Moreover, they should not be destructible and suitable for marine use.

4. Insulated bag cooler:
An Insulated cooler always has a double liner system that enables individuals to keep their drinks and ice for a long duration. Although they are the best for maintaining the drink’s humidity. You cannot fold them due to their size. Always check the number of insulation layers of your insulated bag. The most preferred is the one with more layers. However, thick insulation in a cooler bag increases the weight.

5. Best Small Cooler:
It is best to go for the best small cooler in the market that is easy to carry.
The following are some of the best small coolers:

• Yeti Hopper Flip Portable
• Coleman Soft collapsible with removable liner
• KULA 2.5 Gallon

6. Travel Cooler:
Everyone desires to have a snack or food to eat when traveling. The perfect way to ensure that your food remains at the right temperature is by using travel coolers. When selecting a travel cooler, get one based on the duration of your trip, the number of people traveling with you, and the distance of the destination. Select a bag that is not too big that enables you to carry as it can become burden if you do not have a means of transportation.

7. Beach cooler bag:
Look for a beach cooler bag that has a durable body. Ensure that it is rust-proof and withstands saltwater. It should have UV protection that prevents degradation and fading from the sun. Moreover, make sure that the beach cooler has insulation that retains ice for long periods, thereby serving your needs when you are out on the beach. Ensure that you get a bag with an adequate compartment and storage capacity so that you enjoy your trip.

8. Realtree cooler:
Get a Realtree cooler or a camo cooler that has outdoor-grade features such as puncture-resistant features and ultra-thick insulation that keeps drinks chilled for about two days. These two types should be able to withstand wet and harsh conditions as well as keep your food fresh. Look for a camo cooler that has a front zip pocket that keeps your products secure and handy.

9. Lunch cooler bag:
School can be stressful with so many assignments and lessons to cover. However, having home-cooked food can put a smile on your face. It is imperative to have a lunch cooler bag that helps to keep your food hot for several hours. You can also carry one to work. Moreover, it will be convenient for everyone and will save you money. Get a lunch cooler bag that can be wiped or washed easily. Look for one with materials like nylon, polyester, and neoprene to maintain their temperature.

Reasons why soft bags are better than the hard box type:

1. Weight:
A soft sided cooler tends to be lighter when compared to hard kinds. The exterior is usually made of vinyl or fabric and thus weighs much less when compared to hard types. The weight will depend on the items you decide to place in them. A soft-sided cooler tends to be very flexible. Therefore, an individual cooler bag can fit more cans and other items inside.

2. Portable:
Since a portable cooler bag weighs less, you can carry it everywhere with ease. The portable cooler comes with shoulder straps making it easier to transport it on your back. The weight gets distributed evenly in that area. Therefore, it allows you to move from one area to the next. The hard types are not easily portable unless carrying them in a car. When going for a long-distance, it will be tiresome to move them.

3. Easy Storage:
They can be collapsed and fit into a bag whenever you want. Hard types are rigid and bulky. Therefore, it is impossible to collapse them. Additionally, they take less space during storage as they can be folded up or rolled.