Choosing the Right Soft Cooler

Choosing the Right Soft Cooler

While we might just be entering the spring season and winter may seem months away, that does not mean you should not start preparing for it already. You should start preparing for it because nature can be unpredictable. Even you can agree that there have been a lot of instances where you decided that you would head out for a picnic on a nice sunny day. But just as you reached the picnic spot, it started raining and all your plans got spoiled. Had you known it would rain afterward, you would not have planned a picnic.

Choosing the Right Soft Cooler

Fortunately, winter is still some months away and this gives you enough time to prepare for it. You should especially prepare beforehand if you belong to people who live active lifestyles- those who enjoy doing outdoor activities such as going for boating, fishing, hiking, camping, working out, playing sports, traveling, etc. This is not just applicable for the youth. Parents and grandparents who attend their kids’ sporting event should also think of all the necessary items required to make their outing trouble-free. One of those essential items is the best small cooler bag.

It doesn’t matter which of the above activities you are passionate about, at the end of the day, you would want fresh food and chilled drinks to consume. While searching for a soft cooler bag, you might find yourself buying a hard box type but there are a lot of reasons why you should opt for a portable cooler bag and not hard box type.


When you go to the market to buy a cooler bag, you will find out that usually, a portable cooler bag consists of a safe closing system. They come with zippered pockets which makes them strong enough to take care of whatever you might have stored in the pocket. This function makes insulated cooler bag a lot better than hard box type cooler. This way, you would not have to worry about spilling some gravy or ketchup. This function works even if the closing system does not work properly. As long as you make sure that the zipper is closed, you would not have to worry about a thing.


One of the biggest differences you might feel yourself when using a hard box type and the insulated bag is the portability factor. With the former, you would have to carry some weight since it is large in size. That would not be the case with the bag as it would be easier for you to carry it. Whether you want to carry it while you walk or keep it on a bike, your journey with it would be much more comfortable than with a hard box type cooler. Another convenience of carrying the bag is that they come in various sizes including small, medium and large. You carry the one which suits you the best.

Leaves less carbon footprint:

With global warming on the rise, it’s no surprise everyone is trying to play their part in making the world a little cleaner. Your choices also reflect how much you care about the environment. If you choose to buy a soft cooler bag, you would make the right choice since it is plastic-free. This can come as a surprise to people since they think that for food or snacks to remain at their optimum temperature, they must be stored in a container that has wires connected somewhere. Soft sided cooler bag, however, manages to keep the food fresh without any wires.

Foods are preserved:

If you want to make sure that your food does not have that weird taste in it after you stored it in a container, then an insulated bag would definitely make things easier for you. Those storage bags are not able to preserve the food’s freshness. But when you use a soft sided cooler bag, it would keep the food fresh as if you have just prepared it. You can also keep ingredients of a recipe in an insulated cooler bag and then prepare the dish once you have reached it. Such recipes include different kinds of salads.

In what ways can a cooler bag be used?

A lot of people can use it in a lot of different ways due to the convenience they provide. Following are some of the most common occasions where people use best small cooler bags:

Lunch cooler bag: People use lunch cooler bag to consume lunch during their working hours. Not everyone has the luxury of going back home for lunch nor they can afford to eat at restaurants. Lunch coolers bag provides them with fresh, home-made food.

Travel cooler: Traveling, while thrilling, can be exhausting sometimes. Without a travel cooler, you cannot take home-cooked meal elsewhere but if you are traveling with a travel cooler, you can easily enjoy the food of your house.

Marine cooler: A lot of people work in marine jobs where they have to stay on the sea for months. With the help of a marine cooler, they would not have to rely on unreliable food sources on the sea since a marine cooler would give them a taste of their homes.

Beach cooler bag: The following things are essential for you to properly enjoy a beach day: glasses, sunscreen, and a beach cooler bag. A beach cooler bag is especially important because it would keep your drinks cool.

Realtree cooler: To make sure people don’t miss their hunting season, a lot of people take realtree cooler with them while they hunt. A realtree cooler blends well with their other hunting gear.

Golf cooler bag: Golf cooler bag can be of great help when playing golf. When you play that one special shot and are looking for something to celebrate, a chilled drink in a golf cooler bag should do the trick.

Camo cooler: A camo cooler would especially be helpful when out in the wild for hiking or camping. A camo cooler would not only store food for you but also go well with your overall attire.

Boat cooler: People who love fishing often take a boat cooler with them. The reason simply being that fishing is a time-consuming activity. That is why one needs a boat cooler to store fresh food in them.