Soft or Hard Cooler? What's the Best Option for Your Lifestyle.

Best Option for Your Lifestyle

It's time for some outdoor fun or your activity that is on the go. You must choose between a soft sided cooler or the hard box one. Each option has its benefits and not just any insulated bag will do. There is a sea of options when it comes to a travel cooler or an insulated cooler. What kind of features do you want it to have? How long will you be using a portable cooler? Should it be a huge one like a Realtree cooler? These are all questions that you must ask yourself in the great cooler bag when not just any cooler bag will do. 

The long list of brand choices of what is going to help you keep your beverages and food cool can be a long one. Now you can make a better choice as to which travel cooler is best. Below we share the pros and cons of buying an insulated cooler. There will now be more light shone on the subject of lunch cooler bag versus a marine cooler or a golf cooler bag, as you choose the option that is best for you and your activities.

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Soft Sided vs Hard Sided 
How do you plan on using the cooling vessel should be at the forefront of choosing between a soft sided cooler and a hard sided one. Both types do the same job: they keep things cool. There is more involved depending on your task. You must ask the important questions. Which items do you want to keep cool? How long will these items stay cool? These questions must be considered.

Let's look at the unique characteristics of an ice cooling vessel. 

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Soft Sided Coolers: Daily Basis
This type of cooling device is used on a daily basis and is taken to work, can be used as a lunch cooler bag, on a fishing trip, and can even be used as a golf cooler bag. 

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This soft cooling device is a soft type of plastic that has been sewn together. These items are also referred to as being soft due to them not needing to be heavy duty to be taken on a fun trip or used a boat cooler or a beach cooler bag

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Some characteristics are: 

  • Lighter in weight
This type of cooling vessel is lighter to carry. The material is usually a vinyl or a fabric that is soft to the touch. Additionally, this type is smaller. The weight of this type of cooling vessel will come from what you place inside. When you carry this type of cooling device, you are going to have a lighter load. The limit becomes what you can personally carry. If you over pack the bag, then it will look impractical and awkward.

  • They are Highly Portable
When you carry your food, it is not hard work. The handy straps that come with the soft cooler make it portable. You can carry your lunch around just as you would your book bag or any other everyday wear. The weight of the items inside the bag will distribute evenly on your shoulder and arm. Your hands are free to carry other things. 

  • Easy to Store

The soft sided cooler can be stored in a drawer or other place without taking up much space. It can be folded or rolled up and put away for the next time you need to use it. 

The manufacturing technique of molding is what has made the coolers of today so much better than before. You can no longer simply grab a marine cooler or boat cooler at the corner store. The manufacturing process has many layers of insulated walls with a scientific approach to keeping things cool for longer. 

In order to cool your items for longer, having a hard cased cooler is the way to go. For those who like the great outdoors and are adventurers, this is an easy go-to for standing up to a long drive and hours in the heat.

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Ready to Go!
Having a hard sided cooling device means that you can go on an extended trip and not have to worry about keeping your items cool. The insulated walls and the technology of the molded hard plastic will do wonders for your items. Find the best small cooler that works for your situation.

More Choices! 
Will you choose the plastic one or the metal/stainless steel one? The steel/metal ones are nearly indestructible. They are also heavy, so you will need some help getting this out of the car or truck. One thing to note about the metal material is that it will hold on to the heat longer. Make certain to keep this type out of direct sunlight in order to make the cooling effect last longer. 

Put Your Items on Ice
Keep ice in a hard sided cooling vessel and know that it will last for hours. Depending on the specific brand and the materials, you can know how long the ice will last. 

Greater Capacity
When you have chosen a hard sided cooling device you have chosen space for more items and the ability to keep it all cool for an extended amount of time. With greater capacity comes a heavier load. Be ready to have help on hand to help with getting this out of the car. Some cooling devices come with wheels to help make the load easier to handle. Shopping around, you will find many types of handy features from wheels to different types of handles. The Camo cooler or Realtree cooler may come to mind.

Camo Coolers for adventures

With a soft cooler you may have to count how many drinks or beers you can carry. With a hard sided one, you can bring a lot more! If your requirements are that you need to be out for an extended amount of time and that you want to carry more than just drinks, then the choice is going to be a hard sided portable cooler. 

They More Durable
The plastic of a hard cooler is durable and hard. If you are in a rugged environment, then you will not have to worry about this type of cooler surviving the trip. If you choose a quality cooling device, then this can go with you on many outdoor adventures for years to come.

The simplest answer and approach is to keep whichever cooling device you choose out of direct sunlight and continue to add ice. Your results will give you a longer time to enjoy your cool refreshments. Analyze your cooling needs. Are you going on a short trip that could stand a beach cooler bag or an insulated bag, or an adventure in to the great outdoors for a few days that needs a camo cooler? This will impact your decision as to choosing the best small cooler or a big, hard plastic one.