The Advantages of a Cooler Bag Over a Hard Box Cooler

The Advantages of Cooler Bag Over Hard Box Cooler

When you generally think of a cooler, the picture that comes to your mind is mostly of a firm, hard built strong plastic box. While that is correct, it isn’t the only form of cooling equipment out there. That is a hard-sided cooler the alternative to which is a soft sided cooler. These are also known as a soft cooler or simply cooler bag. Soft cooler or cooler bag is a lesser-known form of the contraption but brings various advantages with it that most people aren’t aware of. So if you have been using a hard-sided one for all of your cooling needs to get ready for your world is about to be unraveled as you enter the realm of these daily driver products. Here are all the ways that soft sided cooler are much more advantageous than a hard-sided one.

The Advantages of Cooler Bag Over Hard Box Cooler

Daily base use

The soft type of this contraption is sort of like an insulated bag. Hence the insulated bag form is as you can imagine perfect for assisting you in everyday activities. It will prove to be a perfect fit for any activity of daily use and can even extend into some activity that may not be of daily use. Hence its area of use is quite wide. It can be used as a golf cooler bag for times when you must hit the course, boat cooler or marine cooler for those long-awaited boating/fishing trips, beach cooler bag for those days in the sun where you definitely wish your drinks to be cold throughout the day, they even come in camo cooler style some of the most popular ones in the department are provided by realtree cooler, travel cooler and lunch cooler bag. Soft types were designed while keeping the daily needs from a cooling product in view, the needs which a hard type contraption was overly equipped for and not exactly worth the trouble of carrying around a large hard plastic case. Hence, this daily usage phenomenon which the soft types were made for sets them apart from hard types and present a major advantage over them as well.

Portable Cooler

Soft types are generally known as a portable cooler. This portability factor of the soft types comes from their extremely lightweight. From the outside of these portable coolers, the materials that dominate the scene include fabric or vinyl, and even in the size department, soft types are much smaller in size. This size factor is exactly what was kept in mind when soft types were designed as an alternative to hard types. The design was clearly intended to give you the best small cooler. Hence if your demand from the product is getting the best small cooler that can be easily carried from one place to another than the cooling product you should be chasing is of the soft sided type.

A soft type is very much like a regular backpack and sits very comfortably on your back with the help of the bag like straps that they come with (going double strap or single strap is purely your choice, but for convenience we recommend double strapping, looking cool is not really a good point to focus on when carrying these). Hard types usually need some wheels attached to them in order to be able to take them across long distances and difficult tracks however the backpack-esque build of the soft types means they will go with your where ever you go however you are going and never cause a hindrance in your traveling. Being strapped to your back, it leaves your arms and hands-free to float about and be used for any activities that may be required of you. Basically, you won’t be reduced to the very specific task of being the official cooler-carrier and nothing else.

Easy storage

A regular insulated cooler or what is technically known as a hard-sided one is a solid structure. When you are taking it somewhere whether it is in use of not, whether the insulated cooler is insulating anything or not, there must be a space allocated specifically for it. It is a physical structure that will take up room in your luggage, whether it is in use or not. It will require some effort for carrying it whether full or empty. This is an aspect of the hard-sided ones that the soft-sided ones are specifically targeted against. As explained before soft types are much like backpacks and backpacks are only difficult to manage when they are full of equipment and goods of various kinds. When empty a backpack can simply be made to collapse or in simple words, can be folded and placed in the tiniest of places. Same is the case with a soft sided cooler. When empty and not being used for keeping your beverages at an optimal temperature on the colder side of things, they can simply be folded up and shoved into any space which does need to be particularly large.

In conclusion, traditional large, rigidly built space-occupying, and difficult to carry hard-sided tanks, definitely have their own advantages in various scenarios but when it comes to task of the daily use, and tasks where the cooling contraption does not need to be the main event of the program the soft type s can offer great benefits. Their ability to extend into uses such as functioning as golf cooler bag, boat cooler or marine cooler, travel cooler, beach cooler bag, camo cooler( such as a realtree cooler) and even lunch cooler bag, grants them a versatility that hard types simply do not offer. While the hard types do offer some advantages in the actual cooling aspects of the product, there occasions, more often than not in our lives when there is simply no need for that kind of power and we would gladly trade in the power for a little ease of use and better functionality across various environments. All of these factors are offered by these new and improved soft types making them a quality product and a worthy brother to hard-sided ones.