The Advantages of Using a Cooler Bag As Compared To an "Ice Chest" Cooler

Advantages of Using a Cooler Bag
There are different types of coolers available for you to choose from in the market by considering various factors like design, price, material, shape, and size. Generally, when it comes to outdoor refrigerators some are made using soft materials such as cotton/nylon while others are made from harder materials like metal/plastic.

Before you can choose between the hard box type cooler and the cooler bag it is essential first to understand what each is all about. Consequently below is the variance between the two general categories of outdoor freezers.

Bag vs. Hard Box Freezers

Hard insulated coolers are usually large making carrying them around often challenging. Since a hard insulated icebox is massive and heavy you require transportation means like a car.

This particular option is reliable for use as a marine cooler or boat cooler due to its demand for lots of storage space and the ability to preserve plenty of drinks and food for a longer duration. Expect the food and beverages stowed in a marine cooler bag or boat cooler to stay colder or hotter for an extended duration.

In terms of the freezer backpack, it can be employed as a golf cooler bag or a beach cooler bag. When looking for the best small cooler bag you should select the soft sided alternative. A soft-sided cooler unlike a hard box type freezer is relatively lightweight.

Since a soft cooler is built to be very easy to move around with,it is mainly used as a golf cooler bag or beach cooler bag.

As a portable cooler, the cooling bag is an excellent option for food preservation if you have a lively outdoor routine. When always participating in outdoor activities like traveling, camping, and hiking and attending concerts and festivals then you understand the importance of having a freezer that is unproblematic to move around, use and put away.

For instance with a travel cooler it comes with various compartments for safely and efficiently storing your stuff including eating utensils. Using a travel cooler means there is no need to use in excess of a single cool bag.

Subsequently see below the advantages lightweight bags such as realtree cooler and camo cooler have over bulky freezers.

Carrying Around Is Convenient

This is one of the main pros of using the best small cooler like camo cooler or Realtree cooler. Unlike the hard box type coolers a cooling bag is fashioned using fabrics that are always lightweight.

Apart from the lighter weight bringing along the soft-sided cooler has also been made comfortable due to the inclusion of the convenient and useful shoulder straps. Using a portable cooler is preferred by people always engaging in open-air undertakings as carrying around the cold storage is stress-free and there is less exhaustion.

Excellent for an Outdoor Fun-Filled Lifestyle

People may tend to think that NorChill ice chests is most suitable as a beach cooler bag, which is not entirely true. There are wide-ranging insulated bags designed for traveling, hunting golf and marine activities.

I. Marine Activities: The insulated bag is built to be more durable to withstand any action of throwing it around your boat particularly for space creation. The marine cooler is also designed to take as little boat space as possible.

II. Golf: The golf insulated bag comes in handy for storing golf balls, food and drinks in your golf cart when in the golf course. When you have the cool bag there is no need to worry about potential shoulder and back issues owing to the associated weight.

III. Boat Rides: Can help in packing the necessary accessories, food and drinks that you and your family or friends may need during your boat excursion.
IV. Hunting: The exceedingly portable cooler also comes in different sizes suitable for storing all your essentials during different days of hunting. Another benefit of the hunting coolers is that they come with camouflaged colors. The refrigerator blends in with the hunting environment and offers the best possible insulation.
V. Picnic: If you and your family or friends decide to go for a picnic then the lunch cooler bag is one of the things to carry along. A lunch cooler bag can help you carry and preserve the right amount of food whether you want it hot or cold.

Requires Less Storage Space

Unlike a hard box type cooler a soft cooler is also mainly beneficial to you as it requires less storage space. The requirement of less space is possible as the food store is foldable. You can fold the bag when not in use for its convenient storage. On the contrary hard box fridges consume a lot of storage space as they are not collapsible.


When you go buying either a cooling bag or a hard box type cooler you will see that the bulky coolers are much more expensive. While the cooling bag may have the same storage capacity it still manages to be low priced.

You should pick NorChill Coolers as they come with a 2-year warranty. There is also a vast selection of coolers using the soft-sided technology available and guaranteed to last longer than other options. For the best small cooler choose NorChill today.

Tough Build

Though a hard box type freezer may offer a relatively more durable build than a cooling bag, still the level of protection offered by the soft cooler is perfect. The soft insulated cooler can protect its content against potential damage from the outside.

As well the bag is designed using locks for its closing. Sealing the bag is vital to ensure that the food and drinks kept inside are safeguarded from potential spilling. Because of that feature, the bag is suitable for traveling to long-distant places.

Suitable for Any Gender

The hard box type cold storage appears to be more built and suitable for muscular people. However, if you have a family of different genders the cooling bag is the best option as it looks good on both men and women.

The bag also looks great for people working in offices.

Environmentally Friendly

A cooling bag is an outstanding option if you are an ardent supporter of keeping the environment sustainable and healthy. The bag is constructed using distinctive materials in the form of different types of fabrics like polyester.

Because the bag does not use plastic it means no breakage occurs. Apart from the fabric being useful in safeguarding the bag from the natural process of deterioration longer it is also water-resistant.

Cleaning is Convenient

Hard box type fridge-freezer cleaning is often difficult. But with the cooling bag cleaning is more comfortable as you only require a cleaning agent and water. Since an insulated fabric is used the process of drying the cooler bag after washing is faster.

Due to the ability of a cooler bag to clean and dry faster is why it is an excellent option if you spend a lot of your time outdoors.

In Conclusion

Hard box type coolers are not the best to carry around for day to day outdoor activities because of their bulkiness even if they can hold loads of drinks and food. The NorChill Coolers are suitable for numerous outdoor activities as they are light and easy to transport. The lightweight coolers are also highly insulated, water-resistant, durable and available cheaply.