The Benefits of A Soft Cooler Compared to Hard Coolers

The Benefits of A Soft Cooler Compared to Hard Coolers

A soft cooler is a great alternative to the traditional hard style. It will literally come to the rescue or save the day when you least expect it. Using a soft cooler as a cooler bag provides many different benefits. For instance, if you have an active lifestyle and participate in many outdoor activities, this is right up your alley. A cooler bag can be used when boating, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling, or playing any kind of sport. This foldable soft sided cooler, allow you to easily conceal this for carry or storage. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you can keep this in your car to use as hot or cold bag, or take it to the prolonged sports games you attend. To get an idea of sizes, you have various options and styles to choose. The first being considered a small, which only holds 12 cans. The medium is designed to carry up to 24 cans,and the large can fit a massive 48 cans if needed. This range in sizes is not limited by the amount of ice that is added either. For instance, if you choose an alternative to ice, please feel free to add cooler packs while you use one of the various sizes.

The Benefits of A Soft Cooler Compared to Hard Coolers

As a golf cooler bag, this can be tucked inside of a golf bag. Using this soft sided cooler in this way, allows you play a full round or stay out on the range all day. The spacious nature of the this bag allows any golfer to stock up on drinks at the turn or during play. Making it perfect to use with a golf cart, being able to place it in the basket in the back. Also, if you choose to use this as a golf cooler bag, it makes a great way to keep food fresh. As the best small cooler on the market, it makes even drinking beer on the course easier, since it keeps them colder for longer periods of time.

The straps on the cooler make it easy to move. If you are a fisherman and need a great bag to store your fresh catch in, this would be a smart choice. Being a more cost effective alternative to a boat cooler or a marine cooler, this will allow someone to not be limited to using it in a boat. So if you want to sneak away to your favorite fishing spot, you can do that as well. Simply just bring the bag with you, and pull it out when you need put your freshly caught fish inside. The durable and insulated material allows anyone to leave this stored on their boat as permanent boat cooler or leave it on their dock for future use as a marine cooler. If you want to take it out on the john boat, it also comes with a very unique realtree cooler camouflage pattern. Truly making this the most universal portable cooler or lunch cooler bag.

If you go to the beach, this also makes an easier alternative to carry as a beach cooler bag due to the soft strap. It will act as a insulated bag not only your perishables, but prevent them from getting wet as well. If you are laying on the beach, you can store all your valuables in this, since it is literally the best small cooler bag. If you choose to try to use the bag in other ways, such as a beach bag, it can honestly be used in that way as well. It is really just up to your personal needs.

Among other features, you also have the option to use this while hunting or in the woods. Whether sitting in a tree stand or simply hiking, this insulated cooler makes the perfect carry bag. Options include a camo cooler, which helps blend into your environments. The camo cooler also includes a camo strap as well. This is a great realtree cooler. Blends in almost seamlessly.

The portable cooler can also be used in a more normal fashion though, being a great lunch cooler bag. You are able to take this to work with you, and store your cold goods underneath your desk or in the fridge. The insulated cooler even helps prevent you from having to get up and walk back and forth to the break room to stay stocked up on goodies during your workday. If you choose to go eat outside, you can also easily carry your food to other places. It is the perfect travel cooler.

Overall this beach cooler bag is a great addition for any sportsman or beach goer. The insulated bag is very versatile, and as stated earlier is a great addition to anyone's life, even if it is simply as a hot or cold bag for your car. It is easy to store or fold to stick in a small place as well. The travel cooler is not always limited to be used as a cooler and could have many different alternative uses as well. Really it can be left up to the owners imagination.

Overall, this is the perfect outdoorsman's dream. It has so many options and functionality. When making your choices when purchasing your next cooling device, make sure to give this product a look. It really is no brainer as an alternative to use. If your a coach, its perfect to use for any team of any size, coming in various sizing options. You also have options to customize this to be more personable or simply just to leave your mark on it. If you choose to have this embroidered with your initials or name, it is a lovely addition. It also makes it incredibly easy to not get yours confused with another persons bag as well. Using this lightweight bag will help any person in need for an alternative to the classic plastic hard cooling devices of the past. Shop through the various options,and pick out your new cooler bag today!
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