The Reasons Why You Should Consider A Soft Sided Cooler As Opposed To A Hard Styled Cooler

Why You Should Consider A Soft Cooler?


A soft cooler or soft sided cooler will be the one you can count on in a pinch. Now, some people argue that the hard cooler works just as well if not better. Now, in some ways that argument has merits of its own. It depends on your lifestyle and how active you are. That is why, today, you will hear the arguments in favor of the softer materials for your cooler bag.

Arguments For The Cooler Bag and Why You Should Consider Making The Investment


The bag is going to help you when you have a very active lifestyle.

The Golf Bag

Think about everything you might use the bag for. You might use the bag as a golf cooler bag (for you to store your drinks, treats, and even golf balls).

That golf cooler bag is going to come in handy when you spend a long day on the golf course. You might be placing golf balls inside for safekeeping. You will(most likely) use the bag to store your drinks, food, and any other accessory you might need. Lugging that bag around all day using a hard carrying case is not going to be of much help.

You might end up getting a sore back and shoulders due to the weight. That is why the soft bag works great as a portable cooler. You can transport your things around on the golf course without worrying about muscle injuries. The straps are light too so that works in your favor.

The Lunch Cooler Bag

Say, for example, you and your loved ones want to go out on a picnic. You decide taking the lunch cooler bag is your best option. It works as an insulated bag(and a portable bag). That way you can carry both hot and cold food and drinks without worrying about your food being compromised.

Now, what happens if you have a long way to travel for your picnic? What works in your favor is the soft portable cooler will keep your food and drink insulated until you get to your destination.

Now, some argue that the hard bags can do the same thing. Once again, it comes down to the stress of the insulated bag on your neck and shoulders. The problem is not storing your insulated cooler in the car when driving. The problem comes when you have to walk to your destination after you drive.

Not everyone is lucky to live down the street from the park. That is why the soft insulated bag doubles as a travel cooler. Not matter how long you have to travel, your travel cooler will keep everything protected.

On The Boat

Can we talk about being out on a boat for a second? Some of you like to take boat rides when the weather is nice. Why not if it is a beautiful day? Some of you might not want to buy something on the go. Some of you might want to pack something from home for your boat ride. That is why you need an insulated cooler.

You can think of the bag as a boat cooler or marine cooler. You can pack whatever you and your family want, knowing that your boat cooler(or marine cooler) will keep your food and drinks safe while you are out at sea.

The Beach Cooler Bag

Many of you like to pack a lunch for beach activities. The food at the beach can be very expensive. We live down the street from one, and we know how expensive it can be. Those expensive costs should not distract you from having a great time at the beach though. That is why it also works as a beach cooler bag.

Buy the size that is appropriate for you and your family. Sometimes the best small cooler is not going to cut it.

Another great thing that makes this bag that best small cooler on the market, is you can carry your beer inside(or any other beverage you want).

What About Hunting?

That is what makes the bag special. You can choose the option that doubles as the camo cooler. The camo cooler will help you blend into your surroundings without causing a fuss. That helps when you are hunting something in the woods.

The light straps make it ideal for hunters. No hunter wants to stop to get something to eat. When you are on the prowl you want to make the most of your time. Another option for the hunters is the Realtree cooler. The Realtree cooler works with the camo cooler to give any hunter that feeling of being incognito.

Hunters bag their best prize when the animal is unaware they are there. That is what makes these bags special.

What To Look For In Soft Cooler Bag

1) How much do you want in storage? Some people need one or two small bags and they call it a day. Others need more space. Check with your family before buying something. There is a way to buy these bags economically.

You will need separate compartments for your hot and cold items. Now, some of the bags come advertised with 50 quarts of space. That does not mean though that you can put 50 quarts of cold drinks in the bag.

Do you remember what you read towards the top? You will need space for other things too, especially if you want to have food in the bag. Another thing to think about are the dimensions. You might be putting a 4-foot hoagie in a 6-foot space. That might not work out(especially if the cooler is shorter than others).

It is best to buy a bag that fits the sizes you need.

2) You also need to think about the materials. Remember, the harder bags are made up of things like plastic and metal. You want the fabric material. There will be plastic in the fabric, but it will be a softer plastic.

Now, you can find the cheaper versions of the bag with the totes, but that is not what you want. You need to find higher-quality bags. They are going to cost more, but they are worth it. That is why the soft sided cooler holds up better. It is made with higher quality material.

One Final Thing To Mention

You also need something that is water-proof. It might say that the bag is heavily insulated, but that does not mean it will be 100% water-proof. There is a difference. It has been known for bags that are advertised to be water-proof to leak occasionally. Keep these things in mind as you shop.

Good luck in finding the right one!