Why Soft Coolers Are Better Than Hard Ones


We see technology changing and impacting our daily lives in almost every area, especially when it comes to things like our smartphones, cars, computers that we use, televisions, drones, etc. However, technology is also advancing the way we are able to pack up our food and carry it around in coolers, whether that cooler be a portable cooler, a beach cooler bag, small travel cooler, soft sided cooler, portable cooler that is a hard cooler, small-sized lunch cooler bag, or just about any other type. Just about every that is in their thirties or older have been using a hard cooler or a lunch cooler bag or soft sided cooler just about every single day for lunches. Then there was the insulated bag that came around; the insulated bag was a great concept in the beginning but typically ended up falling apart pretty quickly after only a couple of uses which made it not worth the money.


The cool thing about technology is that it has even touched the coolers world. Modern soft coolers or cooler bag can make a world of difference when it comes to storing your food and keeping it cool and fresh all day long. A soft cooler is typically preferred over hard ones as this type of insulated cooler is much lighter to carry around than their hard counterparts and an insulated cooler soft bag can be stored in smaller, tighter spaces than a hard one can, making it a much better travel cooler option than a hard one would be. Below are just a few other reasons why a soft cooler bag is a better Realtree cooler option than a hard one is.

The soft cooler bag has several different uses

Soft coolers can be used for several different things such as a travel cooler, camo cooler, beach cooler bag, a marine cooler, a boat cooler, a golf cooler bag, and so much more. Since it is so soft it is a fantastic option to have as a golf cooler bag or camo cooler because it works to keep all of your drinks cold so you stay cool and hydrated while you are outside where it is hot and you are sweating.

The light nature of these bags also makes it perfect to use if you are going out on a boat as a boat cooler. Realtree cooler makes a marine cooler that is durable yet insulated enough to keep all of your sandwiches and drinks cold while you are out in the sun. It is worth spending the money on a soft boat cooler that will help keep you hydrated and cool while you are out on the water instead of having a hard plastic one that is hard to lug around and frankly only keeps ice frozen for a couple of hours and ends up causing your food and drinks to get warm after not too long.

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It is the best small cooler to use for hunting trips

If you are going out hunting, there is a specific camo cooler that is made for people who love to go out hunting. It is nearly impossible to go out and haul any hard coolers up a tree, even if it is a small one. They are bulky and heavy at each side without any good angle in which to grab it and carry it up a tree. The camo coolers are soft and very lightweight and easy to put on your shoulder and carry it up into a tree to your deer stand. Even though it is light, it is very well insulated which makes it the best small cooler to use when you go out hunting.

The soft coolers are much easier to clean than hard coolers are

A cooler bag is one of the best pieces of this type of technology because of how easy they were to get clean after a day of being in use. Hard coolers often have to be thrown out and completely replaced every few months because they are so hard to clean and it is virtually impossible to clean every nook and cranny on the inside or the outside which leads to them having issues with mold and mildew after only a few uses. Soft coolers, on the other hand, are made to be cleaned so that they can stand the test of time. They are coated in tarpaulin on both the inside and the outside which is a huge component to making it so easy to clean. All you need to do is put the coolers under a garden hose or under a running faucet. The water, along with mild dish detergent and a soft brush, will get off any stain and dirt that got on there during the day.

It is important not to clean soft coolers with any bleach or chlorine in attempts to get it cleaner or more sanitary. The soap and warm water are enough to get it sanitized and bleach or chlorine based chemicals will cause the protective coating to wear off which means you can no longer wash it as easily. It is important to not forget the zippers when you are cleaning your bags. Too much dirt and grime built up on the zipper will cause it to catch or get stuck on the track. After washing the bag, grab an old toothbrush that you do not use and some warm water and gently scrub the inside and the outside of the zipper. If you find that it is still catching after you clean it, you can always add in a little bit of lubricant and keep the zipper working the way it was designed to be Soft cooling bags are also very stain resistant. They will get dirty while you are using them and you run into mud or sand or saltwater. While they are dirty after being used for the day, if you wash it as soon as you get home the stains will not set and it will look as good as new.

Unlike hard coolers that have to be towel dried, which can lead to missing spots and causing mildew to grow, you can hang the soft bag upside down to dry. Be sure to keep the zipper open so water does not get trapped in there and nothing grows in there. Be sure to grab a towel or a few paper towels and go over the bag one last time before closing it up and storing it away in a drawer until the next time you use it.

These cooling bags have a much better warranty than any hard coolers do so if anything happens to them, you know you can easily get it replaced. They are extremely easy to store away and can be put in any small drawer or closet space, unlike large plastic coolers that take up a ton of space no matter where you try to store them. Last but not least, your old plastic hard coolers can only keep your ice from melting and your food cold for a couple of hours at a time until everything starts to melt and get warm while the soft coolers keep your food and drinks for hours on end. It is definitely time to get rid of your old, bulky, hard to carry plastic coolers and trade up to some softer coolers so that you get the coolers that you have always wanted for your things!