Why Switch from a Clunky Hard Cooler to a State of the Art Soft Cooler Bag

Norchill portable coolers

Have you ever watched a movie such as Wall Street and immediately knew you were into the 80s because of the computers. They weren't the sleek, slim laptops of today. Oh no, they were big, clunky-looking monitors with minimal colors and room for an unwieldy floppy diskette.

Maybe not today, but 10 years from now, people will point out to beach movies where two-guys lug a huge plastic weighing 50 pounds onto the beach and think - oh, how 2020s!

In case you have been living under a rock for the last several years, you may not be aware that a soft sided cooler, or cooler bag is the fashional thing to carry around nowadays when you need a cooler.

A look at the ice chests of the past

The invention of styrofoam in 1844 made the possibility of a portable ice chest possible. Before that, companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi sold millions of metal ice chest to small mom and pop stores with of course their advertising label on it, but these were heavy metal objects, not portable ice chests.

In 1951, Richard C. Laramy of Illinois received the first patent for a portable ice chest in 1953, and a popular camping company bought the rights to it, first producing galvanized steel coolers, and later plastic coolers, but additionally selling styrofoam coolers.

One of the advantages of styrofoam travel cooler is that they could be produced at an incredibly cheap price. Soon there were two competing cooler designs in the industry, the ultra-cheap styrofoam ice chest and the more solid plastic ice chest models.

Norchill portable coolers

By the late 60s and early 70s, you could buy a styrofoam ice chest, particularly one that was sponsored by a beer company, at practically every gas station in the country for less than $5.

We all remember styrofoam ice chests for two reasons. The first is that filled with ice, they worked particularly well for cruising at the beach or on a picnic. The second was that they fell apart by the time the day was over. They were so flimsy, the slightest bump could puncture them.

Those that worked at factories our outdoors purchased plastic-lined coolers. They lasted a long time and had only one real flaw. If you didn't clean them out well after using them, they became a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. ,

This is still a problem with plastic ice chests today a many of us can tell stories ab about how they put away a plastic ice chest in the fall, and in the spring had to throw it out because it was filled with mold and mildew.

Norchill Soft Coolers

There is no clear demarcation of who was the first, but around 2014, companies such as Norchill created a revolution in the portable cooler business, the development of soft sided cooler bags. A soft cooler such as a Norchill Cooler Bag is made of PVC tarpaulin treated with an anti-bacterial solution.

Not only are the bags incredibly light, but they are super easy to clean. At the end of a day's use, simply turn them upside down and let and water drain out.

A Norchill soft cooler is also incredibly tough as well. In order to puncture one, you would literally have to take a long knife and tear the bag open.

What sizes to the Nortchill insulated bag come in?

You can get a one-person lunch cooler bag that is perfect for your youngster at cool. They just store their lunch cooler bag under their desk, to 12 or 24 or even 78 can models, perfect for a boat cooler, a beach cooler bag, or a camo bag for hunting.

Light, soft but strong Norchill portable coolers fit in with any sport. They are perfect as a golf cooler bag, a marine cooler, or boat cooler.

Most popular models and their use

Naturally, everyone thinks of Norchill as a light, beach cooler bag. No matter how small or how big the beach party, you can lose 40 pounds of weight simply carrying it back and forth between beach and car.


They also make a great travel cooler. When you put an insulated bag in your car, you have plenty of room in your SUV for other things besides your insulated cooler such as your beach toys.


You can get a camo cooler in many different sizes, perfect for a day, or even 3-days hunting. For the ideal hunting experience, check out the RealTree Cooler, The RealTree cooler is perfectly camouflaged, and comes in 12, 24 and 48-can sizes. Its the perfect camo cooler.


For golfing you simply need a small 12-can golf cooler bag that will sit easily on your golf cart.

Marine activities

You want a marine cooler that is tough, can be thrown around the boat if necessary to make more room, and one that takes up little space. Whether you need a 12-can model or have a boat big enough to carry 10 passengers, Norchill makes a model perfect for you.

Value for your money

There are plenty of portable cooler models out there now using soft-sided technology? Why pick Norchill for your portable ice chest needs?

One of the reasons is Norchill's 2-year, "You break it, we fix it warranty. Simply put, Norchill offers the best large and best small cooler buys, because they will honor their warranty, pretty much no questions asked.

Norchill offers a fantastic array of insulated cooler bags that will last and last.
In fact, Norchill wants to prove their ice bags are your best small cooler company that they offer a fantastic bargain.

Simply send them any ice chest you have, even a styrofoam job held together by duct tape your dog uses as a chew toy, and they will give you 25 percent off of the purchase of a brand new, Norchill soft-bag.

Check them out. Review their inventory, and youll probably become a new Norchill customer.