Why You Should Ditch Your Hard Box Cooler For a Cooler Bag

Why You Should Ditch Your Hard Box Cooler For a Cooler Bag
Whether you are planning a day full of outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and fishing, going to work, or preparing your children for school, you want to ensure that you pack foods and drinks that will remain fresh.

While there are many options to do this, a cooler bag is among the best. Also referred to as an insulated bag or soft cooler, this is a big bag with a heavy-duty insulation material lining. An insulated bag also has a sealed freezer bag with similar insulation characteristics to the lining.

On the other hand, box coolers are made of metal and has a smaller design. It comes with a top handle, and its top is usually sealed, offering ice and moisture insulation.

If you are torn between which best small cooler to choose, here are the benefits you will get from using cooler bags.


One of the main advantages of these coolers is that you don't have to worry about which occasion you are attending. Your soft sided cooler is appropriate for all of them. They come in numerous designs and sizes, all heavy-duty and well-insulated.

A boat cooler bag is perfect for a boat trip, while a marine cooler is ideal for storing your fish during a fishing trip. A travel cooler will keep your foods and drinks fresh throughout your journey, while a realtree cooler and camo cooler are most suitable for a day hunting.

If you are going to work, your lunch cooler bag is simple and stylish enough to ensure you fit into the corporate environment. You can also look for a smaller lunch cooler bag for your child to carry to school.

If you are spending the day on the beach, your beach cooler bag is the perfect place to store your drinks, while a golf cooler bag is the best option on the golf course.

While many people use an insulated cooler to keep foods and drinks cold, you can also use it to keep your hot food and drinks hot. An insulated cooler has a design that is also gender independent, meaning it looks good on both men and women.


Having a portable cooler is essential for all outdoor activities. Hard box coolers are made using heavy materials, and the additional weight of the ice plus foodstuff makes them harder to carry around.

With a soft sided cooler, you don't have to worry about how far you have to walk or how much space you have in the car. Their small and compact nature makes them easy to carry and fit in small spaces.

They are lightweight and come with a shoulder strap, making them easy and comfortable to carry around. Those without shoulder straps come with a comfortable carry handle. You also don't have to worry about getting hit by the corners as when carrying hard box coolers.

One concern for people going fishing or on a boat trip is having additional weight on the boat, which can happen with hard box coolers. However, the lightweight design of a marine or boat cooler ensures you don't have to worry about sinking your kayak, boat, or raft. They are also waterproof, giving you peace of mind throughout the trip.

Ease of storage

While you can dump out the ice in hard box coolers after the day to make them lighter, their size does not change, meaning they occupy the same space as before. On the other hand, you can fold your soft cooler, allowing it to fit even the smallest spaces in your vehicle or home.


If you are working on a budget, a cooler bag is guaranteed not to break your bank with initial or maintenance costs. This is because hard box coolers require that you continuously buy ice, while soft coolers don't need ice.

Additional features

Soft coolers have features that increase their utility, comfort, and effectiveness. They have different compartments, enabling you to separate your foods and drinks, avoiding cross-contamination. This is perfect when packing foods and drinks for people who might have allergies or reactions to some items.

They also have pouch pockets, useful for storing additional items or tools that don't need to remain cool but are essential for the trip, like utensils, maps, flashlights, knives, and spare phones.

It's essential to keep your bag clean, especially a marine cooler that has been holding fish. Their pullout liner feature makes it easy to clean all the corners, ensuring that you leave no debris or dirt, reducing the chances of dealing with bad smells later or bacteria development.

Better insulation

While a travel cooler is not meant to keep foods and drinks fresh as long as box coolers, they are more insulated and prevent moisture leaks. Their thick insulation and lack of plastic materials make it easier to maintain the temperatures inside.

Also, when using box coolers, you must pre-chill your foods and drinks, otherwise, they might not reach the preferred chill temperatures.


While cool boxes appear to be more durable and heavy-duty, that mainly applies to short-term durability. Soft coolers are made from durable and heavy-duty nylon or polyester shells that help them resist wear and tear plus other environmental impacts.

It also keeps them away from stains, meaning you don't have to replace coolers as soon as you replace a hard box.

Cooler bags also have a high standard construction because of the double stitching and corrosion-free materials. Their fusion-welded liner seams also melt together, providing a durable and leak-proof bond.


A beach cooler bag will eliminate the need to bring a plastic food storage bag. This means you can bring it every time you go to the beach, reducing the amount of plastic waste dumped on the beach.


While hard box coolers have been used a lot, more people are gravitating towards cooler bags when choosing a portable cooler. Whether you buy a golf cooler bag, marine cooler, boat cooler, travel cooler, realtree cooler, camo cooler, or lunch cooler bag, you are guaranteed fresh foods and drinks throughout your activities.

Their affordability, flexibility, portability, and stylish nature are among the main characteristics that draw people towards them. When choosing the best small cooler, consider the size, design, features, brand, and cost