Advantages Of A Cooler Bag Instead Of A Hard Cooler

Cooler Advantage

Nowadays there are so many coolers on the market that it can be hard to choose which one is right for your particular lifestyle, or at least the activities that you are into. When we walk into a store and go to the cooling appliance section and start looking for one to buy, there is a literal sea of options that are waiting for us on the aisles. Luckily, the coolers can be reduced into two major groups soft cooler (s) or cooler bag (s) or hard-sided coolers. So, how do you know what is the best cooler for you, and what are the advantages of choosing a cooler bad over a hard one? Below is a guide for how to walk through the decision and maybe choose a cooler bag or soft cooler the next time you are in the market for one. 

Best Soft Cooler Bags

If you have an active lifestyle that allows you to be outside or out among nature on a semi-regular basis, then you know the reason that you need a good cooling appliance to put your stuff in. There is absolutely nothing worse on a hot day than opening up a drink that you think is going to be refreshing and finding that it is lukewarm. Imagine sitting at a baseball game in the stands under the hot sun for hours, and getting water out of your cooling box only to find that it did not do its job and keep it ice cold. You deserve and need some type of appliance that will keep your feed and drinks cold and will also give you ample storage without being bulky and getting in the way. 

When you are shopping for a portable cooler, there are so many different designs, materials, and ways that they are constructed can make it hard for you to to decide which portable cooler is the right one for you. The choice between a soft sided cooler and hard cooling boxes are based entirely on what you need.

Boat Coolers

Before deciding that a soft sided cooler is the right choice for you, you first need to understand the difference between each type of insulated cooler. A hard insulated cooler is going to be made from a very hard plastic which makes it hard and very bulky, making carrying it an awkward and tough task. If you have a large hard insulated cooler, you may even need a car or some type of machine to help you carry it around as they can get very heavy very fast. These hard appliances are best used for something like a boat cooler or a marine cooler because you need a large place in which they can sit, and it is best when you need to store a large amount of food and drinks over a long period of time. The hard plastic on the outside of these appliances keeps your things cold for a genuinely long time! So it is great as a marine cooler or boat cooler on a long hot day out on the water it keeps your things cold!

Marine Coolers

Cooling bags are on the other end of the spectrum. These are great for days when you need a beach cooler bag or golf cooler bag. It is the best small cooler on the market and is very lightweight which makes it a highly efficient option when compared to the bulky boxes. Cooling bags are great to use as a beach cooler bag or golf cooler bag as they are very easy to use and easy to store and tote around since they are designed like bags which makes them easier to tote. 

An insulated bag like this can come in a few different forms: a lunch cooler bag which looks like a regular lunch box keeps your food and drinks cold and fresh until you are ready for lunch. The lunch cooler bag has interior features including liners that are easy to take out and clean. 

Lunch Cooler Bags

The other insulated bag type is the shoulder bag cooler which is a larger option. These are larger options and can carry enough food and drinks for up to 7 people, and are stylish enough to pass for a regular purse. They are made with regular materials so it is not any harder to carry them around than a purse would be. This is the best small cooler as it comes in tons of different designs and colors and you can choose the best one based on what you are looking for. 

There are several reasons that using a cooling bag would be more beneficial than using a hard cooling appliance would be on a daily basis. For one, cooling bags are much more versatile. Since they are made of a soft material instead of a hard molded plastic that makes a tough box, it can be much easier to carry them from day to day. They are the best option for keeping your drinks and your snacks cool for several hours at one time. 

In addition to being more versatile, a travel cooler like this also has more storage pockets than hard box coolers do. Hard box coolers are just big boxes that can store a lot in there. A travel cooler bag has several pockets on the inside so you can safely store other things like forks and knives and napkins. The additional pockets mean that you don't have to carry more than one bag to go somewhere. 

Cooling bags like the realtree cooler are light to carry around. They are made out of vinyl and fabric which is going to be much easier to carry around for a long period of time than a hard cooling box will be. The lightweight materials make the bags like the realtree cooler the best option for carrying things around without straining too hard. 

 camo realtree coolers

A cooler bag like a camo cooler is exactly what it sounds like - it is a bag. This means that bags like the camo cooler are easy to fold so that it takes up very little space when you are ready to store it. Hard plastic cooling boxes are incredibly bulky, and as they have no flexibility to them at all, they have to be stored just as they are. Since they take up a lot of space, they can actually be rather impractical. Using a cooling bag makes storage easier when you are not using it!

When you compare the price of a cooling bag and hard box coolers, you will see that a soft cooler is going to be much more budget friendly than the bigger hard boxed coolers are. They can store the same amount of food and save you much more money!


You may decide that you need large coolers that can fit in a big place and hold a ton of food and drinks to keep cold for a long amount of time. If this is the case, a hard cooling box may be the best option for you. If you are using a cooling appliance for typical day-to-day activities, then getting a small cooling bag may be better as it is more affordable, easy to carry around on both short and long trips, and is easy to fold up and store anywhere in the house. Retention, how long you will need your food and drinks to stay cold, and what the environment will be like while you are out will