NorChill Cooler Bags: Unmatched Versatility

NorChill Cooler Bags Unmatched Versatility
The Ultimate Cooler
When it comes to an outdoor lifestyle there are certain items you have to have. One item that always makes the list is a cooler. With so many different activities you participate in you need one that is versatile enough to check all of your needs yet is effective and good at its job. There are so many different options on the market, but very few are an all-purpose cooler that stand alone. That's where NorChill's Cooler Bag comes in. With many different options they all fill your needs no matter where you go or what you are doing. If you are in need of picnic coolers or a golf cooler bag throw a these travel cooler over your shoulder, toss it in the car, or strap it on the stroller to keep the things cool you are taking with you.

Sporting Events

Many times the parents of athletes are asked to bring snacks or drinks for the players at a sporting event. Most often these items need to be kept cool because of the high temperatures outside. Obviously the right choice would be an insulated cooler. But do you really want to lug around a large box that's heavier than necessary and takes up way too much room? Why not go with an insulated bag that can go anywhere? You can conveniently throw it over your shoulder and walk out to the field all while watching your other kids. Sure some options have nifty wheels, but you still have to get it in and out of your vehicle. That's where a travel cooler comes in. Just carry an insulated bag that easily slides anywhere in your car.


Off-roading is all about preparedness and space. You have to be ready to take on any challenge and maximize your space for necessary equipment and passengers. A soft sided cooler is the option that makes the most sense. You can easily strap it on the roof, slide it under a seat, or put it in a seat if need be. These cooler bags are able to fit into your plans, not force you to plan around them. They are light, easy to use, and durable enough to last on any off-road trip. NorChill even has a Realtree cooler for your avid outdoorsman. Their rugged construction will make sure they survive the ride in your off-road vehicle.


Boats are similar to off-road trips: you have a limited amount of space for necessary equipment. You can not easily turn around to get or remove something from the boat. Again, an insulated cooler is a must have. The boat cooler options from NorChill are space saving, durable, and purpose driven. They easily get the job done but do not get in the way. The boat cooler is good to store anywhere on the boat including the cabin to make sure it is out of the way. You can put in under a seat and in any storage bin too. The marine cooler is always good to go anywhere on the water.


As any hiker knows you have to be very careful and particular about what you choose to take on a hike. Weight is one of the biggest factors and knowing your limits of what you can handle. It is easy to over estimate what you can take and you will soon discover what you should leave behind. Especially when it comes food you are very limited as to what you can take on a hike. However, when you use a cooler bag that can be inserted to a backpack it changes the game. This portable cooler fits into most backpacks and can now be carried in what you were already taking on your hike. Put food, drinks, and snacks that normally could not be taken on a long hike into the bag and off you go. You do not have to worry about leaks and it frees up your hands like a normal backpack. This soft-sided cooler can be carried by itself for shorter walks or hikes with kids when necessary. The strap allows you to have your hands free to carry more, or hold a child's hand and the camo cooler helps you blend in to your environment.

Beach Outing

A day at the beach does everyone good. The soft sand, the swaying ocean, and the warm sun always make for a good day. The only downside is lugging a big box full of your food and drinks for the day. Sand is already difficult enough to walk in but then getting weighed down kind of ruins it. What you need is a more portable cooler. The beach cooler bag makes it all easier. Put it over your shoulder and off you go. Your hands are able to carry other necessary items and it isn't nearly as bulky. The zipper helps keep sand out and does not gum up Velcro making it the perfect beach cooler bag.


Fishing is an outdoor activity that requires a decent amount of equipment, especially if you are traveling any distance from home. The best small cooler makes fishing a lot easier. NorChill's small coolers make it easier to either attach a portable cooler to you for fly fishing or simply leave it on the bank for when you need it. They keep your bait and catch fresh, or they can keep your drinks warm for those chilly mornings on the lake. The BoatBag cooler makes a good fit for any fishing outing. No matter what you need one for, this marine cooler fits any purpose without weighing you down.

At Work

You can forget your regular lunch box. Instead take one of NorChill's small bags and turn it into your everyday lunch cooler bag. They are designed to keep anything cold or hot. If you work out in the cold a lunch cooler bag will keep your food and drink warm to help thaw you out when the time comes. When working in the heat the same bag keeps things nice and cool to get your temperature back down where it needs to be. Either way, ditch the lunch pale and get a good lunch cooler bag.


Something often overlooked with a soft cooler is getting cold groceries from the store to the house. It is easy for these frozen or refrigerated items to get warmer than they are intended to be before you make it home. A soft cooler is a great way to save on using plastic or paper bags at the store and keep things cold that need to stay frozen. They are easy to carry and don't take up as much space in the trunk of a vehicle as other box versions do. When attending outdoor markets such as farmer's markets its great to have one of these on your shoulder keeping your produce and dairy fresh while you continue to shop. This keeps you from having to lug or wheel around a big trunk with ice sloshing around.

Overall Best Choice

Overall a cooler bag is the best choice you can make. These products are made extremely durable with rugged hardware, they are hands free making them easier to carry, and they allow you to carry something else. The variety of features, colors including a camo cooler, and sizes make this a great choice for any outdoor activity. These soft-sided coolers are great for any age, any activity, and any weather condition. If you need something for keeping your water cold on a hike, or a golf cooler bag NorChill makes the best small cooler for whatever your outdoor adventure is. Put these coolers to the test, carry them wherever you go, and see for yourself that there is no better option for whatever you may do.