Why Switch from a Hard Cooler to a Soft Cooler Bag

Why Switch from a Hard Cooler to a Soft Cooler Bag

Using a soft cooler or cooler bag is often a strong choice as opposed to using something with a hard side. Here’s some information on how this is useful.

Why Switch from a Hard Cooler to a Soft Cooler Bag

What is a Soft Cooler Exactly

A cooler bag with a soft side describes a cooler that insulated with special soft material. The bag is soft and can fit in places more easily, but it still provides insulation as a soft sided cooler for keeping whatever you want cool. It allows you to keep drinks, food, or whatever else preserved and cool for whatever you need it for.


A soft sided cooler could be used for a large number of possible activities. For example, a soft-sided cooler could make a great golf cooler bag. This is due to the fact that golf is an activity that tends to take up most of the day. If you want to have cool drinks on you to quench your thirst while moving through the golf course during the day, you really need a golf cooler bag to keep those drinks cold.

Fishing and Water Sports

Going out on the ocean Is also an activity where it’s going to be tough to keep drinks cold unless you have something like a marine cooler bag. If you have a marine cooler bag to put your drinks in, then you won’t have to worry about only renting boats with the proper facilities, which could make the rental a lot more expensive and limit your options. This could work for anything that you do out on the ocean or out on any body of water.

For example, you could use a boat cooler if you’re just going for a ride, or if you’re going fishing. You could use a boat cooler if you’re taking a motorboat out with a tube to go tubing and having fun on a lake. Anything you do that’s remote could benefit from an insulated cooler.


Obviously, another great use for the best small cooler you can find is if you plan on going out into the great outside to have a picnic. Getting the best small cooler to keep your drinks and lunch meat cool for that purpose is going to be helpful as well since, without a travel cooler, you’re going to have a hard time even just making it to your location in the first place. There’s nothing that quite beats a picnic in terms of really enjoying the outdoors, and you need a lunch cooler bag to take advantage of it. There’s no use making it to your picnic location but then having everything be warm because you have no lunch cooler bag to prevent that.

Going to the Beach

Picnicking on the beach is also a fun activity you can do that really needs a beach cooler bag. Again, the beach is unlikely to have facilities nearby to help you keep your drinks or whatever else cold. This is where a beach cooler bag comes in since it will be nice and portable and you’ll be able to easily move it anywhere without not having enough room and without having to worry about it getting damaged or damaging anything else due to being too hard.

That way, you can enjoy all the frolicking on the beach that you want, surfing on waves, swimming, or just exploring low tide, all while knowing that you have cool drinks waiting for you if you need them.


If you get a camo cooler to go with you on your hunting trips, you’ll know that the portable cooler won’t give away your position, but your drinks will still be there and cool in order to keep you properly hydrated. Only something like a camo cooler is going to be ideal for doing this since it will be the most portable and the easiest to carry around with you. Considering everything else you need in order to properly do a hunting trip, you’re not going to want to carry around a heavy hard cooler as well. Putting that next to rifles huge backpacks, and everything else you require is just going to be a ridiculous hassle.

Soft-Sided Vs. Hard-Sided

When you’re going about all of these different activities that require a Realtree cooler, you’re going to have to choose between whether you want a hard or soft version of that Realtree cooler. The consideration here is going to come down to your particular situation. This will include how much space you have and how worried you are about that space suffering damage.

A hard box is going to potentially cause damage when it flies around the back of your car or another vehicle, for example. It could get bumped and knock into other equipment that you have. In contrast, another soft bag is going to cause no problems at all, since it’s soft and it won’t cause damage even if it bumps here and there. Due to its smaller weight, it’s also less likely to bump around if it’s secured against other items.

It’s also going to fit much better in storage areas since its flexible and you can squish it against other items without worrying too much, especially if you just have hard drinks in there like coke cans. Related to that, it will also be much less heavy. It’s important to consider that you might have to pick up a heavy hard box multiple times throughout your trip in order to make use of it, you’re not going to have to just load it once into the back of your car as you leave to start your trip.

You’re also going to have to pull it down again to bring it wherever, and then push it back up into position when you go home, and then take it down again when you load it back in your home.

A softer bag is going to have straps on it to make it easy for you to bring back and forth wherever, and the soft material of the bag is going to be many times lighter than a hard option.

Making the Choice

A softer bag is also going to be much more versatile. Imagine if you want to go hiking up a trail. You can hardly lug around a huge hard box during the hike. However, a soft bag that you put around your shoulder is going to be easy to do, so that way you have as many drinks and cold food as you need to complete the journey.

So, whether you’re using a golf cooler bag, a travel cooler for hiking, or just a regular portable cooler for any all-purpose reason, you're going to have an easier time of things if it's softer. There’s no reason for your insulated bag to weigh a hundred pounds. An insulated bag with soft sides can do the job just fine. This is definitely worth considering before you take a lot of time, effort, and money to get a hard box when you don't need it and a soft one works fine.

With an insulated cooler around your arm, you'll be able to keep any food or drinks that you want cool and with you at all times. It really is impressive just how versatile it can be in the long run for just about any activity that you can imagine.